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Chris Matthews is now appearing on Season Five of the History Channel's "American Restoration." He is the former host of DYI Networks “Classic Rides”. Chris also appeared on “Orange County Choppers: Seniors Vintage Project 2"  as the “ The Antique Motorcycle Expert” and has been featured in numerous History Channel and Discovery Specials. A Master in his field of art – Antique Motorcycle Restoration. Honored with the titles "The Antique Motorcycle Archeologist" and "Master Builder" in featured articles published  in the Antique Motorcyle Club of America Magazine. Chris has restored, rebuilt, and sold forty-five bikes to Motorcyclepedia Museum in Newburgh, NY.

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 More About Chris Matthews - "The Motorcycle Archeaologist":

  • In 2012 Chris built the first 1901 Indian ever!  Indian Motorcycles had blue prints drafted, but never actually built the 1901 which they had advertised…Chris built the 1901 Indian from two artist renditions.  So in a sense in 2012 Chris Matthews built the prototype for a bike that was to be manufactured in 1901, but never was.  This event was extremely rewarding because Chris’ timeline of Indians at Motorcyclepedia had previously gone from 1902 to 1909 and it was one of his dreams to build the 1901.  Indian had advertised being in business from 1901 but never actually produced a bike from that year.


  • Motorcyclepdia features Chris' reproductions of the bikes from the movie "Easy Rider." He reproduced them from photos and watching the movie hundreds of times.


  • Ace Motorcycle company was only in business for five years. Chris has restored three bikes from the five years they manufactured, including an Ace Racer. He has restored numerous Flying Merkel Racers, Indian Racers, including the Daredevil Durkim 1908 Indian Racer and the Eddie Hasha 1910 Big Base Racer.


  • On Orange County Choppers, Chris built a 1913 Indian Racer and it is presently on display in their flagship store.


  • Ralph Lauren Clothing Co., purchased two bikes restored by Chris Matthews and were displayed in their NYC stores.